Luna Nuda Rosé

Montepulciano grapes (90%), Merlot (10%)

The Luna Nuda 2017 Rosé is bright and lively displaying a brilliant pink color in the glass. This vintage is primarily made of Montepulciano (monta-pull-channo),an Italian grape variety that is very concentrated in color. Montepulciano originates in central Italy and is the second most planted red grape in the country after Sangiovese. Fruit for the Luna Nuda 2017 Rosé guarantees structure and alluring, fruity aromatics while maintaining freshness and acidity in the finish. Aromas of strawberry bouquets and floral notes are followed by subtle citrus on the palate. Luna Nuda Rosé is divine paired with bruschetta topped with prosciutto, ricotta and arugula.

Fruit for Luna Nuda 2017 Rosé is hand-picked and hand-sorted from the Giovanett family’s vineyards. The vineyards surround the towns of Cortina, Marge and Salerno.

Luna Nuda is grown and produced by 4th generation winemaking family, the Giovanetts at their estate Castelfeder Winery. Founded in 1970 and located inCortina, the heart of Alto Adige, this is the 3rd largest winery in the valley. Alfons Giovanett founded the winery, he believes wine tastes it’s best when there’s a full moon – this is why we celebrate the full moon each month.

ALCOHOL: 12.5%

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